Melina Kanakaredes is an actress. She is widely known for her roles in U.S. primetime television dramas as Dr. Sydney Hansen in Providence (1999–2002) and as Detective Stella Bonasera in CSI: NY (2004–2010), and on the American daytime television drama series Guiding Light as Eleni Andros Cooper (1991–1995).

In 2001 she appeared on the big screen co-starring opposite Robert De Niro in the film “15 Minutes.” Other film credits include “Rounders,” “Dangerous Beauty” and “The Long Kiss Goodnight” and the “Snitch”.

Melina Kanakaredes is a second-generation Greek-American who was born and raised in Akron, Ohio (born on April 23, 1967). She is the daughter of Connie (née Temo) and Harry Kanakaredes. Melina speaks Greek.

“Ultimately, my greatest achievement is maintaining my career

while sustaining a happy marriage and kids.”

Is Melina Kanakaredes Greek?

Yes, of course, she’s Greek! According to an interview she gave to CNN in 2002 she’s fluent in Greek as well:

“We got some wonderful help from this organization, where they sent a great amount of material in Greek, written in Greek, so Katina can more understand the type of cancer she had, the type of options she had for treatment. I speak Greek fluently, and I was there as her translator.” – CNN Live Today, Oct 4, 2002

Melina Kanakaredes sings a lullaby in Greek:

Melina Kanakaredes speaks fluent Greek in an interview with a Greek reporter: