Cat Stevens was born Steven Demetre Georgiou before changing his name to Yusuf Islam. He is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He was hugely succesful in the lae 60s and early 70s in both the UK and US with songs like “Matthew and Son”, “Wild World”, “Peace Train”, “My Lady D’Arbanville”. “The first cut is the deeper”, and others.

Cat Stevens’ musical style consists of folk, pop and rock.

What does Cat Stevens say about his Greek Cypriot upbringing:

My father was a Greek Cypriot and my mother was Swedish, but for some reason, they decided to send me to a Roman Catholic school. I suppose that was the first anomaly of my life. Born Steven Demetre Georgiou, I was brought up Greek Orthodox, so didn’t take part in the religious rituals at school; you could say it meant I started out life as an observer.


Ironically, considering I have now converted to Islam (and am now called Yusuf Islam), my upbringing was very anti-Muslim. Essentially, the Greeks and Turks were enemies, so I adopted the stance of my Greek Cypriot father and hated everything about the Turks, including their religion: ‘Islam’, whatever that meant.


The hot and cold of my parents’ different personalities meant I learned to maintain a kind of balance throughout my life. I loved the emotions of my father and the fact that he was so very strong-willed, active and smart. But his temper was sometimes a bit much for some of us. Our mother, on the other hand, was very cool and collected, and always found time to listen.


When we returned to my father in London, I found myself always trying to patch up things between my parents. I felt I had to be a bridge between them.

Later, when I became famous, my success was a great source of pride to both of them. In a way, I think that helped to keep us all together.

Cat Stevens talks about his Greek father: