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Yorgos Lanthimos is a Greek filmmaker, director, producer and writer, born in Athens, Greece, in 1973.

He has emerged as one of the most innovative and daring directors in contemporary cinema. From his early works Lanthimos has continually challenged cinematic norms, captivating audiences with his unique storytelling and unconventional narratives.

Lanthimos’ journey in filmmaking began with his debut feature, “Kinetta” (2005), which garnered attention for its offbeat style and thematic depth. However, it was his breakthrough film, “Dogtooth” (2009), that propelled him onto the international stage. This darkly comedic exploration of a dysfunctional family earned critical acclaim and marked Lanthimos as a filmmaker to watch.

Following the success of “Dogtooth,” Lanthimos continued to push boundaries with films like “Alps” (2011) and “The Lobster” (2015). “Alps” delved into the surreal world of a group of individuals who impersonate the deceased, while “The Lobster” presented a dystopian society where single people are transformed into animals if they fail to find love. Both films showcased Lanthimos’ ability to blend absurdity with profound insights into human nature.

Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone

In 2017, Lanthimos captivated audiences with “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” a chilling tale of revenge and morality that further solidified his reputation as a master of the macabre. The film earned critical acclaim and bolstered Lanthimos’ standing in the industry.

His next project, “The Favourite” (2018), marked a departure from his usual dark themes, offering a witty and visually stunning portrayal of power dynamics within the British monarchy. The film received widespread acclaim, earning multiple awards and nominations, including ten Academy Award nominations and an Academy Award (Oscar) for best actress for Olivia Colman.

Lanthimos repeated this feat with his next film “Poor Things” (2023) a dark comedy based on the novel by Alasdair Gray. Set in Victorian-era Glasgow, the film follows a young woman who is brought back to life with the brain of a deceased man. With its intriguing premise and stellar cast, including Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo, “Poor Things” was another triumph for Lanthimos earning multiple awards and nominations, and an Academy Award (Oscar) for best actress for Emma Stone.

As Yorgos Lanthimos continues to captivate audiences with his bold vision and unparalleled creativity, it’s clear that he remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of cinema. With each new project, he pushes the boundaries of storytelling, challenging audiences to question their perceptions and explore the depths of the human experience.

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