Olympia Dukakis is an academy award-winning actress who was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on June 20, 1931.

She is one of those character actresses who infallibly lends a touch of class to whatever picture she’s in. Despite her extraordinary dignity and class, she is able to make even the most outrageous character believable. Though she is well regarded in film, Dukakis has spent the bulk of her distinguished career on-stage as an actress and a director. She is also a highly respected drama teacher.

Dukakis is the daughter of Greek immigrants and cousin of senator Michael Dukakis, and once worked as a physical therapist. Her interest in acting came after appearing in summer stock and then taking adult-ed classes in drama at Boston University, where she graduated with a master’s in Fine Arts. After graduation, she began her theatrical career and then co-founded Boston’s renowned Charles Playhouse.

Dukakis made her film debut in director Robert Rossen’s last film Lillith (1964). She continued to make sporadic and undistinguished appearances in movies though much of the ’80s but did not gain notice until 1987 when she won an Academy Award for playing Cher’s Italian mother in Moonstruck. Since then, Dukakis has specialized in playing older women from different ethnic backgrounds or mothers. Subsequent film appearances include Steel Magnolias (1989), where she played the elegant widow Clairee Belcher, Mighty Aphrodite (1995), and Picture Perfect (1997).

“When I was a kid, I’d kneel down at the side of my bed

every night before I went to sleep, and my mother and I

would say a Greek prayer to the Virgin Mary”

What does Olympia Dukakis say about her Greek heritage?