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Most people who visit Greece know a lot about ancient Greece but very little about modern Greece. So natuarally, when they visit Greece for the first time they don't really know what to expect.

So, what's the modern Greek culture like? Do Greeks still worship Zeus and the gods of Olympus? Do they only eat souvlaki and moussaka?What do modern Greeks look like? What do they dress like? What are some modern Greek traditions?

These are only some of the questions that probably cross some people's minds when they're planning a trip to Greece.

In this section of we'll explore and try to answer to some of these questions.

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Constantine the Great and Byzantium

The emperor Diocletian (284-305) had thought to take the Roman Empire out of the chaos of the third century by turning its government into something like a family firm: two senior and two junior partners, with the juniors in due course becoming senio...

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Intersting facts about ancient Greek philosophy and science

The Ancient Greeks were the first people to systematically examine the world to attempt to discover why it worked the way it appared to. Their ideas were so influential that, for two millennia, Western science was influenced almost entirely by Greek ...

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